Unshakable – Tony Robins

DATE: APR/2017

OUTLINE: An audio book with some advice about financial planning all underpinned as an advert for financial services supplied by a company affiliated to Tony Robbins.

REVIEW: Perhaps a little cynical of me but this book doesn’t really have anything show stopping in it. Just some general advice on what to invest in and that taking out a whole level of different insurances is sensible. Tony Robbins only covers 2 chapters and those are the two concerning anything interesting. The other 5 or so chapters are an advert for Creative Financing, which, is highlighted at the end of the book, pay commission to Mr Robbins. A little sad really that he parades at the beginning of the book to be a Martyr that will give all the profits to charity from the book. But no mention of the commissions. I had thought a lot more of Tony Robbins but this book is VERY transparent. Im sure the average reader won’t really nice or care though as they won’t listen to the disclaimers at the end.

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