Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – Richard Carlson

DATE: APR/2017

OUTLINE: Don’t sweat the small stuff, oh and apparently, its all small stuff.

REVIEW: I have mixed opinions on this book. I agree with the sentiments of what he endorses when referring to small, benign, trouble in life that really aren’t a big issue. Its almost a stoic philosophy in that sense that if you can influence something and you desire a certain outcome then you should influence it. And I agree when he say that people worry about first world problems that really are not a crisis – its just the most important thing to you at a certain time but if you gain some perspective then you probably wont waste 40 mins getting angry with someone that cuts you up, whilst your driving, because the event is over and besides that, who really cares. Chill out a little. Where I disagree with the author is when he almost condones being driven or ambitious and says that if we were all a little more complacent and settled for less in life then we would all be happier. I think there would be just a lot less achieved and some of the incredible things or services that have been created would never exist. like the electric car, renewable energy projects, charities, aide work, relative peace and his iPad and Bluetooth keyboard I’m` using now. This review would be a lot harder if i had to hand write it with a quill and send it out to everyone on a carrier pigeon.

So read the book and take what you like from it but I think I’ll discard about 50% of it.

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