The Automatic Millionaire – David Bach

DATE: MAR/2017

OUTLINE: Make some small adjustments to your spending habits to ensure that you can retire rich.

REVIEW: If you have already heard of the concept of ‘paying yourself first’ then this book will reaffirm that message/belief and if you haven’t then this concept is an excellent one to get started on. Trust me, I do it. The message is simple. Apply the ‘latte factor’ and save a small percentage of your income before you pay any other bills. Start with 1% of your salary and put it aside on pay day. Eventually you will, over time increase that percentage to as much as 20%. Some of the numbers on this are staggering and if you put that aside and invest it wisely it will reap HUGE benefits when your at retirement age. The ‘latte factor’ is where you cut out 2 of your 5 lattes per day and save £10 a day. Invest it annually and after 30 years your money pot is in the region of £350-450,000.00 !!!!!! So that latte you drink doesn’t cost £2.90 now, it costs you nearly £0.5m in 30 years.

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