The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuck

DATE: MAR/2017

OUTLINE: A book endorsing the social media trend and its value to businesses.

REVIEW: Gary Bee highlights how, where, why and who should be getting involved in social media and how,  importantly, it can be used to compliment a marketing campaign rather than replacing the advertising industry. Unfortunately the book is already a little out of date and the author explains at the end that if you are ‘reading this in 2015 he will be proved right or wrong’. Well its 2017 so I suppose that really the book goes a long way to endorsing the fact that Gary Bee was right and that perhaps what he is saying now, about the future, also may be correct. He is a very energetic guy who has built up a huge following and if you want to find him on the web it will not take you long at all.

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