Beekeeping for Beginners – Your ultimate guide to starting your first colony. Dave Russell

DATE: MAR/2017

OUTLINE: A good introduction to some of the beginners basics in the beekeeping world

REVIEW: If bee keeping is something you like the idea of then this book may be a good place to start. I say ‘may be’ because that is the stage I am at in bee keeping and I can not yet say wether or not the book has valid advice. Secondly the narrators voice is somewhat ‘shouty’ – not a problem if you read it i suppose. But none the less there are some great  tips and advice on how to  get started and what kind of things to look out for. There are sections on the calendar of beekeeping broken down into different climate zones, some of the equipment and kit you will need, advice on pests and the commitment required to produce honey. Id recommend this to anyone who is considering the idea before perhaps buying anything. A little late for us as we have the hive and the bees ordered so we now don’t have much option but to succeed!

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