Habits of the Super Rich: Find Out How Rich People Think and Act Differently: – Bruce Walker

DATE: JAN/2017

OUTLINE: Habits and strategies that can have a compounding effect on your life if actioned.

REVIEW: The author essentially offers a 2hour precise of several other self help books that help you to manage your time, finances, lifestyle, aspirations and relationships. The author covers off in chapters

Habits of the rich and poor.

Turning thoughts into reality.

Developing a successful persons mindset.

Universal laws of success.

The power of a mastermind.

Effective ways to build a habit.

Becoming aware of your surroundings mediation.

Each chapter in the book is the entire concept of other peoples writings so this will give you a good broad insight but other titles, that are reviewed on this site previously, will offer you a more in depth and richer coverage of a specific topic gif that is what you prefer.

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