The Weekend Millionaire Real Estate Investing Programs. – Mike Summey and Roger Dawson

DATE: JAN/2017

OUTLINE: The slow and steady  guide to building wealth in real estate from makable wins and marginal gains.

REVIEW: This book I think offers fantastic advice to someone who is looking to start out in Property Investing and especially if they are looking to grow that portfolio  over a long period of time. The two authors have written other books and the tips Roger Dawson give on negotiating in a property deal are lifted from his title power negotiating. It really does have some fantastic advice in here and I feel that I identify with the strategy they are setting out. This is because its all manageable in your spare time and you can see how that leads to a progressive and developing portfolio.

Id thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is looking at getting started in property or someone who is already in and just looking for a strategy.

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