Big Data: Does Size Matter? – Timandra Harkness

DATE: MAR/2017

OUTLINE: BIG DATAs role, influence and reliance in our past, present and future lives.


It is interesting to see where data has come from and where it is going. How it started out so primitive but has become, now, a scalable commodity to business and politicians in an effort to improve business, get more votes, or more admirable save lives by distinguishing which mosquitoes carry malaria and which don’t. The author has a great delivery method in her book and her sarcastic but humours remarks throughout are enough to make it entertaining without even considering the material factor. There is a lot about DATA in this book and it will startle some people to know how it is used and just how targets you can be. There is literally NO CHANCE of you, as an individual, seeing an advert that has been targeted to you as a result of the use of Big DATA. Whats more some of the surveillance programs used in the states are almost science fiction like in there recount and early true at the same time.

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