Essentialism – Greg McKeown

DATE: Mar/2017

OUTLINE: The concentrated and disciplined pursuit of less may in fact reward you with more.

REVIEW: Essentially Greg endorses that in being selective over what we pursue and how we pursue it means that we can avoid spreading ourselves to thinly and as a result we can harvest a more qualitative lifestyle. Learning to say no, in a positive manor, is one methodology some that would stop people utilising your time for their benefit and thus allow you to focus on your goals and tasks.

There are a few references to other books, reviewed on this site, such as, The Power of Habit and Eat That Frog, and if you have listened to self improvement books before you will find that the author elicits a few of examples of other authors theories to contribute to the overall way that an essentialist lives their lives. There are some great little ‘life hacks’ that are small and very implementable throughout the book including habits, parenting, finances, self discipline etc.

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