Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

DATE: Apr/2017

OUTLINE: WAKE UP! Get more done in life with this game changer!!!!


This is another ‘game changer’. Listen, there is a very good reason that some of the worlds most successful people endorse an early start to the day with an immediate routine. Neuroscientists, clinical psychologists, globally successful entrepreneurs and athletes alike all wrote recently in the press about the benefits of this lifestyle change. This book will help you usher in that change. Hal Elrod is leading a world movement, not just selling books. If you decide to read this book and take on the #MiracleMorning challenge you will not only find his practical tips useful but you will find that you will get social media support from strangers, globally! If you’re struggling he has support communities, available free, on many digital platforms where others can help suggest solutions to your impossible obstacles that would get in the way of this routine.

Do I do it everyday? A version of it, yes. Sometimes owing to my day job I legally can’t wake up at 0500 but I apply his advice when I do wake up and over time I’ve found that I have adjusted his routine slightly to fit better with my life and my beliefs. Give this book a read, give it a go, if you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself in a whatsapp accountability group with 7 other strangers who you feel you know as friends when you say good morning to each other every day.

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