5 love languages – Gary chapman

DATE: Apr/2017

OUTLINE: This might just help you understand the other sex in a profound way.


There are, according to this author 5 love languages. Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Touch, Gifts and Quality Time. Like it or not you will find that you fit into some or all of these categories and the benefit of the book is HUGE. Wether your rescuing a relationship that is on the brink of divorce or you are trying to identify why you don’t get on well with someone at work you will certainly gain an advantage from reading this book. As a Newley we’d the book is a great way of identifying your behaviours and discussing why you prefer certain displays of affection. I would recommend this book, and the further titles in the series of ‘Love Language’ books to anyone that is working on a relationship, be it romantic or professional, anywhere in their lives. So basically that is everyone.

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