Eat That Frog – Brain Tracy.

DATE: MAR/2017

OUTLINE: Decide what you want and start with the end in mind!


You don’t NEED to read the whole book: Just the headlines. But the main body text might help you to develop some of the principles. My main observation now having tried this for over a year is that you have to install the habit and keep it up. Many authors will cite between 10 and 60 days for a new habit to truly take effect and that you should only pick up one new hobbit at a time. GOOD LUCK. Eat that frog, baby!!!!!

  1. Plans every day in advance. At night write tomorrows list. out of your head and onto the page. then relax.
  2. Apply the 80/20 rule to E V E R Y T H I N G
  3. Consider the consequences
  4. Prioritise all tasks so that the hardest and most valuable ones are completed first.
  5. Focus on key result areas
  6. practice the law of forced efficiency. There’s not enough time to do everything but there is always enough time to do the absolute necessary.
  7. Prepare thoroughly before you start. PPPPPPP
  8. Upgrade your skills. If you can make more in an area invest your time/effort and money into it.
  9. Leverage your special talents
  10. Identify your key constraints
  11. One step at a time. Thats how you eat a whale as well.
  12. Put pressure on yourself too crack your tasks. set deadlines
  13. maximise your personal powers. Work hard in your optimum time
  14. Motivate yourself into action.
  15. Practice creative procrastination – deliberately put off the low grade tasks IOT complete the bigger ones
  16. do the most difficult task first
  17. slice and dice the task. set sub goals
  18. create large chunks o time. divide your daily roster into bigger blocks and FOCUS
  19. develop a sense of urgency
  20. single handle every task. Don’t multitask high value jobs as its inefficient

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