Dr John DeMartini – The Values Factor

DATE: Jan/2017

OUTLINE: GAME CHANGER ! If you don’t know what you want, READ THIS !


This book is one of a few game changers! Definitely in my top ten all time books and it has so much value if you read it and complete the associated exercises. I’m not going tel you this book is an easy listen. It isn’t. In fact you will have to really concentrate and work hard, there are a lot personal searching questions for you to answer, repeatedly, but I can guarantee you it will be worth it. If you complete the whole book, as I have recommended to so many of my close friends, and if you complete it with those who are close to you, you will be able to identify, through self-objective analysis, what your current values are. Even if you think you don’t know them this book will help you identify them. Then, if you feel you want to change your values it will give you some helpful guidance in how to do so. One of the BIGGEST, lessons John DeMartini taught me in this book was how knowing your values, and that of say your significant other, can help you lead a relationship with more understanding. I can now look at my marriage and see that although my wife and I have different values, in some areas, we are working towards the same thing as a team. I used to be frustrated sometimes about how she spent her time and money, and it was the same vice versa, but now we both realise why we do what we do and how it fits into the bigger picture we are WAY more tolerant of things that used to confuse or frustrate us.

I whole heartedly suggest anyone read this book. It’s LONG and it needs work but I promise you it’s time very well spent.

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