The Impulse Society – Paul Roberts

DATE: DEC/2016

OUTLINE: How the Instant Gratification Nation got to where it is and why.

REVIEW: This book =highlights the course of actions that have slowly contributed too the Impulse Society of America. It looks at, in sometimes an evangelical fashion, how The USA has slipped into a nation son people who want everything, without working for it and they want it yesterday! Its not just america but the examples are State Side Centric. It is great insight to how the industrial, banking, manufacturing, political and personal influences have shaped the modern person and more importantly why politicians and CEO’s now have short term targets that often harm the long term outlook of their projects. I think if every CEO read this it would change the way they looked at things for about 5 seconds and then they would revert to type, EXACTLY for the reason that the book points out. A really interesting read and one that can certainly explain why you may be becoming less patient and how you may be able to cope/deal with it.

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