The Real Book of Real Estate – Robert Kiyosaki etal


OUTLINE: A thorough look at a vast amount of real estate topics via Robert Kiyosaki’s actual employed advisors


What you get in this book is many chapters on specific Real Estate advice from Roberts RICH DAD/POOR DAD advisors. Robert introduces each advisor at the beginning of the chapter and justices/endorses their advice. The the relevant specialist details all their specialist knowledge on the topic they are employed/paid for. Its almost like having a 1 hour presentation from everyone that you would need to employ property investing company and there is some fantastic in depth advice here. Some of the advice is american-centric, some universal. So tax law can be a little dry but there are transferable lessons.

One of the chapters is even by President Elect Trump and one by his son as well. All in all a very good book with a lot of info. For a U.K. compatible try 44 Property Secrets by Rob Moore and Mark Homer., reviewed on this site.

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