101 Essential Tips for running a professional HMO – Wendy Whittaker-Large

DATE: NOV/2016

OUTLINE: 101 Tips on how to start, progress through and maintain an HMO property portfolio.

REVIEW: Find it, Fund it, Finish it, Fill It and Future-proof it. In this guide Wendy looks at practical and pragmatic advice on the journey of an HMO property investment. There are some good tips on time saving devices and strategies, convenience hardware, leveraging systems and some mindset ideas that will help you maintain your investment once you have purchased it. This book is useful if you are a newbie to property or if thou have been in the game a while and just need a bit of a refresher. What I particularly like is that the 101 tips are in a chronological order and that in fact regardless of what stage you re at, as an investor, or what your skill level is you may find that a quick read of this book will give you a good heads up of events that are coming up or indeed may highlight something you have missed along the way. You could almost diaries the list of tips and form a time line schedule that you could follow that will guide you through a property purchase and set up.


Repeat above.

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