Robert Kiyosaki  – RDPD Cash Flow Quadrant

DATE: JAN 2017

OUTLINE: A sequel to the first RDPD book that will help you alter your future finances for the better.


If you’re about to read this book and you haven’t already read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad, What the Rich teach their kids…’ Then stop. Read that book first then come back to this one second. After you have read this one you’ll want to read the third in the trilogy, ‘A Guide To Investing’. What’s in this book. A great detailed description of the Cash Flow Quadrant. The quadrant looks at 4 different income sources: Employed, Self Employed, Business Owner and Investor. It discusses why you need to move from the former to the later if you want to lead an independent life, especially as you get older, and it also highlights HOW you can achieve it. After reading this book I found it really helpful to write up how, and what, I wanted to achieve in the different quadrants in an illustrative format. The book is incredibly value in helping you plan your future financial strategy and gives you practical suggestions on how to achieve that.

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