Malcom Gladwell – Outliers

DATE: Dec/2016

OUTLINE: Naturally Talented? Afraid not! An insight as to how and why the successful really are successful.


So you think that some people are born with talent? W R O N G !!!! This book looks at how many circumstantial events are almost ALWAYS the result of the apparently supernatural. Gladwell highlights how if you want to have a confident child, who is successful at sports and has the best advantages in life then you can go a LONG way toward it by planning the time of year that you will give birth! About 80% of all Canadian professional ice hockey players are born in September and the remaining 20% in October and November. Not born in those months?; sorry you probably won’t make it. If that sounds ridiculous to you then read this book and I promise you that if you are about to start having a family this book will definitely encourage you to plan the way you do it a little more intentionally.

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