Grit – Angela Duckworth

DATE: DEC/2016

OUTLINE: How the power of passion and perseverance can be harnessed, measured and developed.


Grit looks at what it takes to succeed in a plethora of disciplines and how you can determine it. Traditionally the use of academic scores, measures of physical strength or psychological evaluation may be tools used to predict someones chance of success. But it turns out whilst those tools have their purpose the measure of grit can tell who will persevere when times get tough, beyond the point that those who would seem capable normally give up. The author looks at how grit can be developed and where it fits into nature vs nurture. This book is a great read to help you summons a little more ‘grit’ when times get tough.
If you’re working on the day this post is published, whilst others are doing something that is perhaps more traditional, then you’ve probably got a hell of a grit score and you can take the test online for free, now, here….

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