Be Obsessed or be average – Grant Cardone

DATE: DEC/2016

OUTLINE: An adrenaline shot to the heart for your motivation Grant Cardone style!


If you’ve read Grant Cardone’s 10x rule and it gave you a KICK up the arse then this book will be the sequel that ‘fuels the beast’ even more! This guy has so much energy it’s insane! But if you can harness and absorb 1% of it you’ll be 10x more productive after reading it than before. Cardone endorses obsession(s) and encourages the development and Maintainence of them to keep your 10x lifestyle going. A lot of the book is based on sales and generation of sales, this may seem a little irrelevant at points if you don’t have a business but there are obvious metaphors to be read from all examples. There are a lot of one liners in the book that you could definitely ‘bank’ in your mind and keep hold of them for times when you feel like giving up. One thing cordon points out s that, in fact, when you feel like giving up your brain is telling you that ‘you could’, but ‘you have an option’. NEVER EVER QUIT and you can only win.

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