Mindset Manifesto: 37 Habits That Will Improve Happiness, Diminish Stress and Accelerate Peak Performance – Michael Lombardi

DATE: OCT/2016

OUTLINE: 37 very quick tips to improve your life one small bit of actionable advice at a time.


This is a very quick run through of a myriad of life tips that suggest you can be happier, more productive and fulfilled if you complete them. A lot of the tips are not ground breaking and there are many books on the market that look at them in far more detail but the benefits of this book is that it is a light read and its a great refresher if you have read some of the books that elaborate on the individual tips in more detail. Books such as MIRACLE MORNING and EAT THAT FROG really take one of these single tips and write a whole book about them. Then you have a book such as 21 SECRETS OF SELF MADE MILLIONAIRES that probably highlight the more valuable tips and go into them in great detail but that latter book is a big read.

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