The 21 Day Budgeting Challenge – Francie Wyck

DATE: OCT/2016

OUTLINE: 21 Financial budgeting tips to improve monetary health.


There are some useful pieces of advice in here especially if it is the first book you have read covering the topic of how to improve your finances. If you have already listened to self help books you might have already started to implement some of these tips however there may be some new ones in here for you as well. Whilst the book does cover quite a few topics it doesn’t really go into a lot of depth so this may serve only as an introduction really. Other books, reviewed on this site, almost focus solely on one sector of this book so I suppose it depends if you like a broad overview or an in depth look? I would read this if you think you need some general tips and advice about how to get your finances on track then if you want to go deeper into one topic find a specific book that looks at it in detail.

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