Money and the Law of Attraction – Jerry Hicks and Esther Hicks.

This book is from the same team that brought out ‘The Secret’ also reviewed on this site. Whilst there are some similarities in the message it is watered down here which is not necessarily a bad thing. The authors are aiming to explain the law of attraction. Simply if you want something, think about it often in a positive manner and this mere thought pattern will help that desired element/money/success/health come to you. It sounds incredibly far fetched but think of it this way. If you want to, for instance, own a successful property portfolio then the author would endorse that you visualise it and regularly think about it happening. If you do this I think it’s likely that you will notice property related deals around you where you would previously have ignored them. Take it a step or two further and you might look at financing opportunities to buy a house, you’ll probably consider an area, a strategy and more and more exposure, combined with action, will then lead you towards your first rental property. The portfolio will follow. If upon your first though of owning a portfolio you dismissed it then the chances are you just won’t notice these things around you in everyday life. The book is worth a read even if some of the chapters seem beyond far fetched – some of the medical related discussions will, understandably, probably have medical professionals betraying the author. It is however a positive book and if that rubs off on you then perhaps you’ll have a better day anyway and it pwon’t be a waste of time at all?

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