Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States – George Soros

This book is aimed at a much higher level of my understanding of the global financial and economical climates and micro climates. I struggled to keep up and thus only really picked up on some terminology like ‘sub-prime lending’ and ‘state bonds’. After watching the film ‘the big short’ some of this terminology made more sense and George Soros talks about his predictions in europe that, after brexit, you can see came true. He wants to fix the financial world but knows he doesn’t sit  in a position to do so.

Since reading this book I have also read ‘Wealth Secrets of the 1%’. I have reviewed it on this site and it has some excellent explanations of the whole 2009 – sub prime lending issues that are covered in the oil ‘the big short’. That book was a lot clearer for me than this one in clarifying the matter.

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