21 Success Secrets of  Self Made Millionaires – Brian Tracey

A Great quick read through 23 Habits that are adhered to by successful people. Some of them are listed in other books but this one is a quick can’t through and a great reminder. Ill keep this book in my library as an excellent little revision audio. Id recommend this to anyone who is first starting to listen to self help and wants a light read with some fantastic advice. Here is the list….

  1. Dream Big Dreams Be Different and Make a Difference!
  2. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction
  3. See Yourself As Self-Employed
  4. Do What You Love To DoCommit to Excellence
  5. Work Longer and Harder
  6. Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning The Wheel of Personal Success
  7. Pay Yourself First
  8. Learn Every Detail of the Business
  9. Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others
  10. Be Absolutely Honest With Yourself and Others
  11. Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly Estee Lauder: 15 Success Rules
  12. Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability
  13. Be Prepared to Climb From Peak to Peak
  14. Practice Self-Discipline In All Things
  15. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity Yin-Yang of Entrepreneurial Creativity
  16. Get Around The Right People
  17. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health
  18. Be Decisive and Action Oriented Take Action!
  19. Never Allow Failure To Be An Option
  20. Pass the “Persistence Test”

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