The Law of Success – Napoleon Hill

You can do it if you think you can. This book covers each of the ‘laws’ in great detail and its a good 24 hours long. I’d say a handful of books I have already read have based many of their principles on this books foundations therefore by reading and acting upon this book you may find your time efficiently spent despite its great length. The narration is reasonable quality but a WORD OF WARNING !…. This book was probably written nearly 100 years ago, the level of political correctness is apparent and whilst its not intended to offend women or people from a variety of racial backgrounds it is undeniable that the labelling of individuals in this book could be deemed unacceptable by todays standards.

Look past that though and take the book for its intended value and you will find some AMAZING lessons to take away. They are….

Principle – Similar book or theory

1) The Law of the Mastermind. – 1+1=>2

2) A Definite Chief Aim – Always have the end in mind

3) Self-Confidence – Confidence will attract money and business.

4) Habit of Saving – Pay yourself first, save, manage your money

5) Initiative and Leadership – Problem solvers fill gaps in markets and capitalise

6) Imagination – Akin to above

7) Enthusiasm – No one loves miserable people. Inspire, Enlighten and encourage

8) Self-Control – Chimp Paradox

9) Doing More than Paid For – Tribes, law of reciprocity

10) A Pleasing Personality  – Be nice, Treat others as you would like to be treated or even better!

11) Accurate Thinking – Don’t waste time, FOCUS

12) Concentration Maintain – Eat That Frog, 4 hour work week, power of now, 10x rule baby!

13) Cooperation – WW2, NATO, ISAF, UN The collective of many more powerful than the sum of individuals

14) Profiting by Failure – Learn, rebound, bounce, fail forward, fail fast

15) Tolerance – Tolerate others but if overwhelming then cut them out.

16) The Golden Rule – Read this for yourself.

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