The Dip – Seth Godin.

The Dip focuses on the concept that after initially taking up a past time, hobby, career, profession etc there is a “dip” phase where the level of interest is reduced as the progress rate slows. This ‘dip’ region is critical to identify as once you know that you are in some kind of ‘lul’, you can identify it and work through it. So rather than there examples let’s tie this straight into property. We all go on a course, learn some new facts, legislations, techniques etc and then we go off to build our empire. But enroute we become demotivated by set backs and lack of progression or tangible results. THIS IS THE DIP. I know because I feel like that now and I’m trying to work through it. The goals and results are out there. Just don’t give up, use people around you to help, read books like ‘the tipping point’ and ‘the law of success’. Identify your values with help from John DeMartini (The Values Factor) and stick to them.

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