Wealth Secrets of the 1% – Sam Wilkin.

Some  really detailed, if not a little long at times, accounts of some of the wealth strategies and secrets of the global super rich. This si not really a ‘how-to’ guide but more of a documentary and the style of the narration and writing is informative and at times  humorously sarcastic. Its fairly up to date, as of 2016, and covers ancient romans all the way through to social media kings. A GREAT chapter, finally giving me a comprehendible understanding, of why the 2008 world financial crisis happened and why, when you think the banks would suffer, they didn’t because they were ‘to big to fail’ and thus were rescued. last chapter looks at some familiar personality traits of the super wealthy and without recommending it ‘suggests’ if you elect similar traits you will be in with a better chance of emulating their wealth. Its like a long but interesting documentary rather than a self help book to be honest.

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